For patients to return home,
following hospitalization;
in total safety without undue delays with no loss of chance

The Laé app simplifies patient care
upon discharge from hospital,
which benefits both patients and hospital institutions:

patients have used Laé
upon leaving the hospital

15 000

beds freed up
in healthcare facilities


care providers available
on the platform


fewer readmissions
to hospital

Here's how it works:

  • 1
    A patient care request in 5 clicks

    In 5 clicks, the prescribing physician arranges for the patient's safe return home with the help of Laé (possibility of coordinating transfers and consultations).

  • 2
    Health professionals suited to the patient's needs are mobilized

    to ensure a sustainable return home (medical transport, nurse, medical specialist, attending physician, pharmacy...).

  • 3
    Patient care is coordinated and supervised

    by dedicated health professionals who will intervene throughout post-hospitalization care.

  • 4
    This allows for post hospitalization care to be provided on a continuous basis!

A tool intended
for all those involved in patient care:

Coordinated home-based care, in complete safety.


Discharge planning
from A to Z.


Provide optimal care conditions.


improve your department's performance.


They have tried Laé

  • A solution with the potential
    to reengineer the care

    Pr Suzy DUFLO

    Head of ENT department
    Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

  • Laé helps reduce the average length of stay and promote outpatient care.

    Mr Alain PHILIBERT

    Deputy Director General 
    of the Scorff Hospital
    South Brittany Hospital Group

  • Laé simplifies and secures downstream hospital services while respecting patients' choices.

    Dr Serge FERRACCI

    Head of the Emergency Department
    at Vannes Hospital

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