Secure your patients' discharge
from hospital with complete
peace of mind.

Cut in half the time spent on discharge planning.

Pre-populate your patient's administrative data in a secured environment.

Laé synchronizes with your patient database and pre-fills their administrative details, thereby ensuring that your requests are 100% valid.

Laé is here to facilitate smooth protocol implementation.

Setting up your hospital discharge protocols.

When setting up Laé, our consultants help you set up hospital discharge protocols for each pathology and level of dependency.

Protocol recommendations based on the patients' pathologies and degree of dependency.

Laé then works as a real assistant and supports you in the process of building your patients' logistical, human and material care.

Edit your prescriptions automatically.

Secure pre-filling of prescriptions.

Prescriptions corresponding to your care protocol are automatically generated.
Laé integrates an artificial intelligence that optimizes your prescribing experience as you use the software, saving you precious time when creating your patients' discharge documents.

Hand over the reins with complete peace of mind.

Creation of patient records including key information shared between the hospital and private practitioners.

Thanks to Laé, you can easily find the people needed to take care of your patients, in record time. Each healthcare professional has access to the information he or she needs for coordinated patient care.

You will also receive reports of their interventions. This optimizes the connection between hospitals and private practices and provides your patients with optimal care, even at home.

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