Improve patient care
and bed availability.

Avoid hospitalization by default.

Optimization of the average length of stay and turn over.

Laé allows prescribers to easily and safely plan the patient's discharge from hospital, thus avoiding hospitalization "by default".

This helps to optimize the turn-over and average length of stay in your departments, as well as the care provided to your patients.


Our dashboards allow you to monitor key indicators and set up personalized alerts.

Improve the performance of your Hospital-at-Home department.

By allowing prescribers to anticipate their patients' discharge from hospital, Laé simplifies the transfer of patients to your HAH department.

Prescribers are invited to select this option by default based on pathology and dependency criteria.

They are guided in this process, which improves quality of care.

Lower your re-hospitalization rates.

Laé helps optimize patient care at home, preventing logistical and human challenges that might lead to re-hospitalization.

Hospital and private practitioners stay in touch for better care coordination and to keep patients at home.

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